Happy birthday, Madonna! Long live the Queen!

The Queen of the Performance, the don’t-call-me-a-pop-star Madonna is our birthday Moodner today!

Hard to believe shes’s turning 60 today, entering the fourth decade of her outstanding career: more than 300 million records sold, 13 Guinness World Records and 7 Grammy Awards.

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.

A chameleon sense of style, a complete transformation through the years made possible also thanks to the iconic looks –who can forget the debute of her conical bras during the Blonde Ambitious tour?– made by fashion designer and friend Jean Paul Gaultier.

“She’s always up for the unexpected” said the VMA’s executive producer Salli Frattini. “She doesn’t take on trends, she creates them” says hairstylist Andy LeCompte. “That’s why she likes taking risks.”


Shes’s Madonna, what more to say?
Long live the Queen!