Happy birthday, 500! Celebrating the most Italian Iconic car

Fiat 500 is one of the most iconic cars the Italian manufacturer has ever made and they’ve taken a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” motto with it over time.

Designed by Dante Giacosa and launched in July 1957 this tiny car that evolved for use in the narrow city streets very quickly earned the name of, ‘the people’s car’. Measuring just over 2.5 metres long (9 feet) and powered by a 479 cc two-cylinder, air-cooled engine, it was considered to be the first true city car for the Italian driving population.

During its first production run, which ended in 1975, almost 4 million 500s were sold internationally, a staggering 400,000 of which can still be found on Italian roads today.

After 2 decades in retirement, the 500 was reimagined and reborn to enormous critical acclaim and huge commercial success in 2007.

Happy 60th birthday Fiat 500!