Rich McCor: “Just don’t call him an artist”

Hello Moodners!

When you’re travelling and visiting famous landmarks, you often end up taking the same photos as everyone else. So when someone figures out a unique style of getting the job done, people notice.

That’s what happened when Rich McCor has developed a unique style of photography that involves using intricate paper cutouts to transform European and World landmarks into spectacular and amusing vignettes.

Sometimes ideas come to me instantly

and other times I don’t think of them until they’ve been playing around in my subconscious, when I get to the location, it usually takes me about 15 minutes to get the shot exactly how I want it.

The artist has been sharing the results to his Instagram account where he has already amassed 144,000 followers!

Below are some of Rich McCor’s masterpieces, which is the best one for you?


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Photo credits: Rich McCor