ALTAROMA day 1: L72 catwalk show F/W 16/17

After 16 years of working alongside Donatella Versace, in February 2015, during the Milan Fashion Week, Lee Wood decides to give life to L72, a label that plays with minimalism while merging street wear elements with the sartorial tradition to create a contemporary look rigorously made in Italy.

This season, the Finnish goddess of water, lakes and seas Vellamo is the idea through the designer channels his emotions and creativity.

The winner of “Who Is On Next?”, the scouting project organized by AltaRoma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, began his journey from an intimate self-analysis that found both inspiration and analogy in three important films, all of which share storm and seas as key protagonists:  “Sophie’s Choice” by Alan J. Pakula, “The Piano” by Jane Campion and “The Perfect Storm” by “Wolfgang Petersen”.

The collection that has walked the catwalk today at the Ex-Dogana in Rome is a mix of 50’s volumes, masculine tailoring and technical sportswear, with embroideries underlining the marine exploration.

Photo © ALTAROMA ph. Salvatore Dragone-Gianluca Palma/Luca Sorrentino