Trevi Fountain back to its former glory!

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After a long restoration process started in June 2014, Trevi Fountain is finally back to its former glory. This precious masterpiece of Baroque architecture has been now completely restored and it’s ready to keep the wishes of the future generations of romantics.

What are you tossing a coin for?

There are two legends behind the toss of a coin into Trevi Fountain.

The first legend says you should stand with your back to the fountain and toss a coin over your left shoulder. This will guarantee a return trip to Rome.
The second legend was the inspiration behind the film “Three Coins in the Trevi Fountain”. This legend says that you should throw.. 3 coins into the fountain: the first coin guarantees your return to Rome, the second will ensure a new romance, and the third will ensure marriage.

Bonus coin
There is a miniature fountain
on the left side of the Trevi Fountain.
Legend says that if a couple drinks from the “small fountain of lovers”, they will be forever faithful to their partner.

The Fountain in numbers

  • 2.100.000
    the amount of euros Fendi –one of the biggest names in Italian fashion industry– has donated to restore the fountain
  • 177.000
    the total cost in shields for the construction
  • 3.000
    the estimated euros in coins that are thrown into the fountain every day
  • 516
    the days taken to bring Trevi Fountain back to its formal glory
  • 30
    the years taken to build the fountain (1732-1762)
  • 5
    the Popes involved in the construction of the fountain: Urbano VIII Barberini (1623-1644), Benedetto XIII Orsini (1724-1739), Clemente XII Corsini (1730-1740), Benedetto XIV Lambertini (1740-1758), Clemente XIII Rezzonico (1758-1769)
  • 1
    the second it takes to fall in love with this architectural masterpiece

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